Whitmore Manufacturing’s Reliability Brand – OilSafe Expands into Europe

Rockwall, Texas, July 31, 2023 – Whitmore Manufacturing, LLC, a wholly-owned subsidiary of CSW Industrials, Inc. (NASDAQ: CSWI) and leading innovator of products and services that increase the reliability, productivity, and lifespan of industrial assets, is proud to announce its expansion of OilSafe, an established leader in lubrication storage and handling solutions, in Europe. “This strategic move represents a significant milestone in our company’s journey and demonstrates our commitment to better serving the needs of valued customers across the European continent,” said Douglas Reid, Whitmore Manufacturing VP Product Development.

The decision to establish a stronger presence in Europe is fueled by several factors, including increasing customer demand, rising industry requirements, and OilSafe’s unwavering dedication to making a positive impact on industrial operations. By setting up the inventory location in Dunstable, United Kingdom, and bulk system manufacturing on the continent, OilSafe aims to offer cutting-edge solutions and expertise to a wider range of industries, to include manufacturing, food & beverage, chemicals, pulp & paper, aviation, mining, and many others.

What can you expect from OilSafe’s European expansion?

  1. Enhanced Local Support: OilSafe understands the importance of having a reliable partner on the ground. With the Dunstable facility, OilSafe has a local distribution center and has expanded staff of knowledgeable professionals who possess a deep understanding of the unique challenges and need of the lubrication environment in Europe. This means faster response times, localized support, and seamless collaboration for our customers and channel partners.

2)   Extensive Product Portfolio: OilSafe offers a comprehensive range of fluid management solutions designed to optimize efficiency, reduce contamination risks, and ensure the highest standards of workplace safety. From its renowned color-coded labeling systems to robust fluid storage and transfer containers, OilSafe will bring a full suite of locally manufactured products to European customers, empowering them to achieve operational excellence.

3)   Tailored Training and Consultancy: As part of our commitment to customer success, OilSafe will provide training programs and consultancy services to assist European partners in implementing best practices for fluid management. OilSafe partners will be available to offer technical training seminars, conduct on-site assessments, and develop customized solutions to meet specific industry requirements.

4)  Collaborative Innovation: OilSafe is dedicated to continuous improvement and driving industry innovation. By expanding its footprint into Europe, OilSafe eagerly anticipates collaborating with local partners, research institutions, and industry associations to exchange knowledge, foster new ideas, and pioneer advancements in lubrication management technology.

Mark Bass, President of Whitmore Manufacturing added, “OilSafe has always been driven by a relentless pursuit of excellence in fluid handling and storage. With our proven track record of delivering innovative solutions and superior customer service, expanding operations in Europe was a natural progression to better serve the market.”

For further updates and information regarding our European expansion, please visit our website oilsafe.com.

About Whitmore Manufacturing, LLC

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