Vink Chemicals Opening New Production Site

Early start of construction in Schwerin

On 10th November the German family-owned company Vink Chemicals initiated the construction of a new chemical plant in Schwerin, with a symbolic ground-breaking ceremony. Around 45 attractive new full-time jobs, in various disciplines, will be created at the site at the Göhrener Tannen industrial estate.

Vink Chemicals, the biocide specialist, has started construction of the chemical plant and over 30 million euros are to be invested in the Schwerin site. In contrast to many other companies, the family-owned organisation is continuing to focus on Germany as a production location. The start of construction was preceded by almost three years of hard work before early planning permission was granted. Among other things, the manufacturer had to prove compliance with all legal requirements as well as meeting the highest safety and quality standards.

Production of the majority of raw materials now in Germany

With the construction of the new chemical plant it means the specialist for technical biocides will, in future, produce the majority of its raw materials in Germany. This will shorten transport routes and supply chains, such as to the company headquarters in Kakenstorf. The proximity to the port of Hamburg also means that sea routes, which are also important for the company’s international business, can be reached quickly. This will save time and reduce costs. Furthermore, at the new site the raw materials will be produced more efficiently than at the current foreign suppliers.

Efficient production

In order to increase energy efficiency in the new modern plant, the surplus heat generated during production will be used to operate heat pumps. In addition, some of the electricity required is to be generated by the company’s own photovoltaic system. To ensure a smooth start to production in mid-2026, Managing Director and Schwerin site manager Stephan Lauer has already moved to Mecklenburg with his family.

The professional team for the correct use of biocides

Vink Chemicals GmbH & Co. KG develops and formulates customised biocidal products. More than 130 specialists worldwide are responsible for sales, raw material purchasing, product development, microbiological testing and production. In addition to the full range of biocides for in-can and film preservation of paints and coatings, oil and gas, water treatment, cooling lubricants, construction chemicals, detergents, cleaning agents and the polymer industry, the product portfolio also includes a large number of other speciality chemicals for these applications. Vink Chemicals is active worldwide.

Construction of the new Vink Chemicals plant in Schwerin began with a symbolic ground-breaking ceremony on 10th November