Sustainable Spotlight – Green Oleo

Over the years, Green Oleo has acquired a strong expertise in Fatty Acids production. The company production site, located in Italy (Cremona), evolved from a process using tallow raw materials to a flexible process that can receive a wide range of raw materials: renewable products and renewable by-products not conflicting with the food value chain.

Green Oleo works in order to build partnerships, key-tool to evaluate the life cycle of our products, continues improvement of our supply chain and production processes. To build a sustainable product, the life cycle is such a complex task that all parties need to co-operate.

A pilot project consider the opportunity to start from seeding specific plants integrated in the seasonal activity of south EU farmers. The right oil seed can improve the quality of the seeding cycle while providing the raw material for our process. This approach is beneficial from the beginning and will provide raw materials sustainable by design.

Since the beginning of the Green Oleo activity, new production units for esterification have been built at the production site in Cremona. The first step is to use our own fatty acids for the production of esters but the reactors technology can be beneficial in order to improve the quality of the standard products and an important asset to be used in order to widen the product portfolio.

The range of esters is continuously growing and contains the series “GreenFad RG”, biodegradable, complex esters  containing a high amount of renewable raw materials. Renewability can reach 100%.

CharacteristicUnit of M.GreenFad RG
FA sourceVegVegVegVegvegVeg
FA typeOleicOleicOleicOleicOleicOleic
Aspect Liquid LimpidPassPassPassPasspassPass
Color ASTM<1<1<1<1<1<1
Density 15°Kg / Litre0.950.970.970.991.001.05
Water Contents%<0.05<0.05<0.05<0.05<0.05<0.05
Viscosity at 40 °CcSt6815020050012003000
Viscosity Index    200 
Pour Point°C-15-20-20-20-15-10
Cloud Point°C-5-8-8-5-20
Total Acid Nrmg KOH / g111112.5
Iodine Nrg I2 / 100 g808080808075
Biodegradability% at 28 days>90>80>80>80>80>80
Renewability% C9590>85>85>85>85

About Green Oleo
Green Oleo has almost 100 years of experience in the production of fatty acids and glycerin. Produces fatty acids from a wide range of triglycerides, esters from its own fatty acids and other sources. Green Oleo is building a new approach to oleochemicals starting from renewable sources.

Green Oleo will be exhibiting at Lubricant Expo 2022. Visit them on stand 337