Shot valves for contactless greasing by DOPAG

Lubricant application for automated production processes

Up to 200 cycles per second – the shot valve from DOPAG is a top performer for the dispensing of lubricants in highly automated production processes. The shot valve could dispense smallest quantities of material with shot sizes up to 0.02 ml. The application is contactless, clean and without dripping. This is possible thanks to the integrated 5/2 way solenoid valve, which is also used for control.

Various adapters and extensions ensure a high flexibility. This enables them to cover places that are difficult to reach or different shot angles. Nozzle sizes are available from Ø 0.2 – 1.0 mm. Depending on the size, media with different viscosities can be processed easily. Optionally, a heating could be added in order to achieve the optimum processing temperature. It has an adjustable needle rise with raster regulation. Further, the shot valve could be completed by various components for monitoring and control. DOPAG therefore provides a stroke detection, pressure sensors or a light barrier for shot detection.

For contactless material application DOPAG also offers two additional valves, the spray valve and the high-speed valve.

Shot valves for contactless greasing

DOPAG are exhibiting at Lubricant Expo 2022. Visit them on stand 737.