SEQENS Extends LUSC list with 2 Extreme Pressure Additives

Our two extreme pressure additives, SULFAD® 1710E and SULFAD® 1711E, comply with the criteria according to EU Commission decision 2018/1702 from 08th of November 2018 and were added to the Lubricant Substance Classification list (short: LuSC list).

The LuSC list is a list of substances that have been assessed on its biodegradation, aquatic
toxicity, renewability and exclusion lists of substances. It is a white list of components and packages approved for use in lubricating formulations intended to be submitted for European Ecolabel certification.

Therefore, SULFAD® 1710E and SULFAD® 1711E are the best candidates for use in lubricant formulations eligible for the European Ecolabel. SULFAD 1710E and SULAD 1711E are recommended for metalworking applications and greases additivation. SULFAD® 1710E and SULFAD 1711E are a light colored, low odour sulfurized mixture of natural fatty acid esters.

SULFAD® 1711E is a non-copper corrosive additive compatible with all metals whereas SULFAD® 1710E is not compatible with yellow metals.

SULFAD® 1710E and SULFAD® 1711E have good solubility in Group I, II, III paraffinic base socks and well as in Naphthenic base stocks (depending on on base oil origin. It is recommended to check it in the finished product.)

Thanks to their low viscosity, SULFAD® 1710E and SULFAD 1711E can be ideally used for formulating metalworking fluids such as deep hole drilling, grinding and honing oils from which good cooling effect is required.

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