Peter Greven celebrates 100th anniversary

Peter Greven is a German-based producer of biodegradable, synthetic ester base oils. The company
started as a soap factory in 1923 and grew to an international oleochemicals producer with 4
production sites around the globe. “Throughout the past 100 years we mastered market challenges
successfully and seized the opportunities that opened up to us. This is one of the major reasons why
we were able to grow continuously.” says Peter Greven, managing director.
The first esterification line was set up in the 1960s. Major focus was the production of solid esters for
the plastics industry. After some decades of increasing production capacity and gaining deep
knowledge in the production of esters there was another sector showing interest in a liquid form of
esters: the lubricants industry.
Peter Greven made the strategic decision to put a special focus on esters for the lubricants industry
in 2010. As a result, the product portfolio was extended step by step and investments to increase the
production capacity were made: New esterification lines went into operation in 2013 and 2022 and
have almost tripled the capacity.
Today, the headquarters in Germany produces a broad range of high-quality polyol and complex
esters under the brand name LIGALUB®. With this portfolio of natural based and biodegradable ester
base oils, Peter Greven is well prepared for the future of the lubricants industry: sustainable