Interview with Richard Baker, Director, TriboTonic

Lubricant Expo interviewed Richard Baker, Director of TriboTonic and a member of Lubricant Expo advisory board. We discussed his career to date, how the lubricant industry is adapting to a more sustainable future and what he is looking forward to seeing at Lubricant Expo 2022. Watch the full interview:

setral® Announce Climate Neutral & Climate Positive Certification

ACHIEVING MORE TOGETHER CLIMATE NEUTRAL & CLIMATE POSITIVE Our company is proud to announce that we are making a positive contribution to the climate that goes beyond mere CO2 compensation. setral® (and the companies of the ECCO Group) are now certified “climate neutral” and “climate positive”. Besides our existing measures to limit our carbon emissions,… Continue

ABN Resource publish Sustainable Future Report for the lubricants industry

Sustainability for the lubricants industry still requires a common goal and agreed objective. We will see tweaks and improvements as the industry goes deeper into the sustainability journey. Right now, it requires individuals and leaders to take charge, and then get the support of colleagues, competitors, political, economic and educational areas to work together. It is… Continue

How SEQENS Is Improving ARCOT® Calcium Sulfonates Range?

In the lubricant industry, SEQENS Advanced Specialties supports its customers for the development and the formulation of metalworking fluids, protection fluids and greases. SEQENS Advanced Specialties offers a wide variety of technologies, from extreme pressure additives, emulsifiers, corrosion inhibitors and anti-wear additives as well tailor-made calcium sulfonates for metal protection and greases. With more than 50 years of experience… Continue

Seqens: Fully Overbased Calcium Sulfonate Customisable Grease For Optimum Performances

A grease consists of three components: a thickener, a base oil and additives. They are classified in two main categories: soap and non-soap thickener. Properties of a finished grease are directly related to the nature of the thickener: dropping point, water resistance, mechanical stability, extreme pressure resistance, operating temperature etc. (Figure 1) Soap thickeners are… Continue

Biosynthetic Technologies Receives Provisional AEGIR-Marine Approval For Its Biobased Biosynthetic® VGP Compliant ISO 68 Hydraulic Fluid

INDIANAPOLIS, Feb. 2, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Biosynthetic® Technologies today announced it has been awarded the provisional AEGIR-Marine approval for its Biosynthetic® ISO 68 hydraulic fluid specifically manufactured for marine applications. Biosynthetic Technologies has developed a novel class of high-performance, bio-based base oils for the use in finished lubricants.  These base oils utilize the patented estolide technology and are… Continue

Peter Greven GmBH & Co KG Launch New Lubricant Application Brochure

Peter Greven GmbH & Co. KG have launched their new lubricant application brochure. The brochure contains some valuable information on product performance and application areas for their products. Peter Greven GmbH & Co. KG are one of the leading manufacturers of oleochemical products based on renewable raw materials. Visit Peter Greven GmBH & Co KG… Continue

Biosynthetic Technologies Announces The Launch Of A New Line Of Oleo Derived Additives For Metalworking Fluid Applications; Biocea™

INDIANAPOLIS, Oct. 28, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Biosynthetic® Technologies today announced the launch of their new product line of novel additives for the metalworking fluids market called Biocea™. These products will be available globally, effective immediately. Biosynthetic Technologies has developed a revolutionary new class of high-performance bio-based additives for the use in metalworking fluids, called Biocea. These novel sustainable… Continue