Different Types of Industrial Parts Washers by T&T Eco

Choosing the right Parts Washer for your application can be a daunting task, with the numerous options available in the market. Various factors must be considered when purchasing a parts washer for your business, such as the range of cleaning solutions to use with the parts washer; whether to go for manual, automated, agitation or ultrasonic machines;… Continue


We think that there’s no better way to introduce ourselves than using the words of someone who knows Temix Oleo very well, someone who’s part of it and works every day for its success and development. Andrea Perata, Sales And Marketing Director Of Temix Oleo Use three words to describe Temix Oleo: Reliable, flexible and… Continue

Understanding Phantom Particle Counts by Filtertechnik

The increased use of siloxane based anti-foaming agents is causing issues with laser counter technology. IMAGINE THIS: You have been filtering 150 litres of hydraulic fluid off-line with staged 5 and 1 micron filter elements at a rate of 25 litres per minute (1,500 litres per hour). You have been using a laser light-blockage method… Continue

Interview with Tanja Illic, Managing Director at Nanol

Nanol Technologies mission is to reduce global transport fuel consumption annually by 50-100 million tons. Please explain how you will achieve this? One fifth of all energy in the world goes to overcome friction, that is a lot of energy. Therefore, every drop counts into the future of lubrication. If we can lower friction, we… Continue

Shot valves for contactless greasing by DOPAG

Lubricant application for automated production processes Up to 200 cycles per second – the shot valve from DOPAG is a top performer for the dispensing of lubricants in highly automated production processes. The shot valve could dispense smallest quantities of material with shot sizes up to 0.02 ml. The application is contactless, clean and without… Continue

SDT Ultrasound Solutions Explain Bearing Grease Management Using Ultrasound

Greasing of bearings using ultrasound, often described as best practice, helps us understand how much grease needs to be applied. Ultrasound is a good measure of friction – too little or too much grease in a bearing produces elevated friction levels. Using ultrasound, the right quantity of grease is determined by assessing the levels. SDT… Continue

Bringing The Latest Patented Coolant Technology By Valvoline

Valvoline HT-12 Green and Pink: premium coolants for modern engines, BMW & VW approved One of the most important fluids used in internal combustion engines, in addition to engine oil, is the coolant. It performs many different functions, the most important of which is to dissipate the excess heat produced by the engine into the… Continue

Spray Smart – The New Generation of Industry 4.0 Spraying Valves by Walther Systemtechnik GmbH

The reliable conveying, metering and dispensing of lubricants plays a key role in ensuring the function and safety of products in almost all industries. For more than two decades, Walther Systemtechnik GmbH has been developing metering components and metering systems and, with the current I4.0 product family, has once again shown itself to be an… Continue