Olipes to exhibit products for public works, mining and industrial machinery at Lubricant Expo

A range of greases and lubricants for public works, mining and industrial machinery will be the star for Olipes at stand number 330 at Lubricant Expo, the international lubricants fair to be held from 6 to 8 September at the fairgrounds in Essen (Germany).

Olipes’ presence at the event is part of its international expansion strategy, bringing visibility to its products, technology and services as a provider of lubricant and grease solutions among distributors, end users, component manufacturers and the entire supply chain in the industrial maintenance sector.

Bearing greases with optimised specifications will be the Spanish brand’s main attraction for visitors to Lubricant Expo. These formulations, the result of ongoing investments in R&D&I, were developed by Olipes to meet the highest performance requirements for the most demanding industrial machinery. In this regard, Olipes always manages to offer the most suitable products for each sector and application, manufactured using sustainable technologies and processes.

‘Lubricant Expo is a unique opportunity to share the latest developments in a sector as dynamic and vibrant as lubrication. Engineers, manufacturers, distributors and users will analyse the opportunities and challenges on the horizon amid this turbulent global panorama. We want to learn about our customers’ needs and be at the forefront of everything related to the world of lubricants. This will make us competitive, reduce costs and improve the efficiency and performance of our products to preserve machinery health in all operating environments at a very competitive cost for our customers’, explains Fernando Díaz, co-executive general manager of Olipes.

Olipes specialises in the development of lubricants, greases and special products of the highest quality and added value, offering products for three main lines of business. In addition to manufacturing a wide range of products under its own trademark, distributed in more than 45 countries, it specialises in the manufacture of private-label versions for original equipment manufacturers and sales and distribution networks, providing formats, products and programs specifically designed for this channel. Lastly, it also develops turnkey projects, creating and manufacturing special products made to measure for other lubricant manufacturers. In its 2022 edition, Lubricant Expo has been extended to three days, while the exhibition hall has been expanded to host more than 200 exhibitors. Over 4,000 professional visitors are
expected to attend this event, which will feature multiple conferences with top-tier speakers.

Founded in 1993, OLIPES, S.L. is a Spanish company focused on the development of lubricants, greases and special products of the highest quality and added value. Today it is a benchmark for the international petrochemical sector, with more than 2,500 product references in 75 industrial sectors and a presence in more than 45 countries. With an annual manufacturing capacity of 100,000 tonnes between its different product lines, OLIPES is committed to research and development of new, more advanced, efficient and ecological products. Its headquarters are located in the town of Campo Real (Madrid), where it has production facilities, an automated logistics warehouse and offices.

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