Oil Refinery Modriсa JSC. Modrica celebrates its 70th anniversary of successful business

Oil Refinery Modriсa JSC. Modrica, as one of the largest motor oil manufacturers in the Southeastern part of Europe, celebrated its 70th anniversary of successful business operations this year. Along with a large number of invitees, representatives of the Republic of Srpska public, political and social life, the Refinery strength was demonstrated once again.

“We are proud of our large assortment of oils and other products. Our main asset is the people, who, through several generations, have brought the Refinery from a small company to a large manufacturing facility,” said Modrica Oil Refinery General Manager Vladimir Onishchenko.

Oil Refinery Modriсa has been unceasingly producing over 250 sorts of products, placed on 26 markets throughout Europe, Asia and Africa.

Oil Refinery Modrica JSC. Modrica