New Texaco Delo “Omnimax” Oil Formulation

Chevron has developed a new engine oil containing around 60% fewer metallic components than many conventional high-performance oils. Texaco Delo 600 ADF, with Omnimax, a Chevron patented technology, is the first heavy-duty engine oil with the capability to reduce ash build up in DPF filters, helping deliver system protection to both the engine and the emissions system. Suitable for both on- and off-highway application, the lubricant is formulated with only 0.4 % sulphated ash – far lower than the American Petroleum Institute (API) and The European Automobile Manufacturers’ Association (ACEA) limit of 1 % sulphated ash, as found in most current heavy-duty engine oils.

Major engine builders around the globe are looking hard at how they will meet the pollutant and greenhouse gas emission standards that will continue to phase in over the next seven to 10 years, while also continuing to meet customer demands. Ultra-low ash oils like Texaco Delo 600 ADF will be instrumental to meeting the requirements of future products, while offering engine builders the flexibility to help optimize their systems in terms of the space that emission control components occupy in the equipment as well as their up-front cost.

How does Delo 600 ADF deliver fuel economy benefit?

As DPFs become clogged with ash, fuel economy performance degrades due to the increased backpressure on the engine and an increase in the frequency of the DPF cleaning process known as regeneration.

The DPF collects up to 98% of particulate matter emissions in the form of ash and soot. A regeneration cycle combusts the majority of the soot from the DPF. The ash is incombustible material derived from metallic lubricant additives, meaning over time the DPF clogs up and equipment and fleet owners are forced to take units out of service to restore the DPF function, incurring maintenance costs, and lost productivity. If too much soot and ash build-up, the large amount of heat produced upon regeneration can result in DPF damage. DPF clogging increases engine back pressure, and regeneration cycles, resulting in higher fuel consumption.

In our testing, using Delo 600 ADF demonstrated an average 3% improvement in fuel economy retention compared to a conventional 1% ash heavy-duty motor oil. Considering that fuel costs typically account for about 25% of the total cost of ownership of a commercial vehicle fleet, the fuel savings from Texaco Delo 600 ADF can provide a reduction in overall costs and increase a fleet’s competitiveness.

With lower levels of additive, and no phosphorus, is wear control performance compromised?

By rebalancing the additive system and introducing new, lower ash containing components we’ve developed a product that actually provides stand out wear protection. We’ve seen this in the industry standard wear tests that are part of the ACEA and API standards, in OEM testing, and also in field testing in actual in-use fleets.

Which field trials were conducted to understand the benefits of Delo 600 ADF?

We have run a number of tests that include laboratory bench tests, engine tests as well as field trials. Field trials have always been a critical component of our proof of performance for Delo products and Delo 600 ADF is no exception. We have conducted field trials in both on-highway and off-highway equipment to prove Delo 600 ADF can extend the life of a DPF by up to 2.5x compared to a 1% ash oil.

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