New Horizons in Tribotesting by Optimol Instruments

Optimol’s latest tribometer development, the ETS Easy Tribology Screener, will be on display at LUBRICANT EXPO in Essen, Germany.

The system addresses the tribological testing needs of small and medium-sized companies, providing them with a solid base of friction and wear data to compete in the marketplace. ETS users also benefit from reliable data on the functional tribological properties of their oils during condition monitoring and after oil maintenance measures.

ETS Easy Tribology Screener

Reliable and quickly available data on friction and wear behavior pave the way to the market success of materials and coatings. The ETS Easy Tribology Screener now makes the necessary expertise readily available to SMEs in this broad industry sector. Its measurement technology is focused on the primary tribological characteristics of coatings and materials, friction and wear in a test force range up to 300 N. Optimol Instruments’ broad experience from over five decades of development collaboration with industry customers is clearly evident in the ETS Screener.

To lower the barrier to entry into tribological measurement technology and ensure minimal training requirements, the instrument’s user interface relies on one-click solutions for specifying the desired measurement. The tribometer is supplied as a complete package with test unit, industrial PC and operating and evaluation software. The necessary test specimens are also included. The contact situations that can be displayed are point and line contact. Another technical highlight worth mentioning is the use of differential eddy current technology in online wear measurement. Thanks to its robust and mature technology, the ETS Easy Tribology Screener makes it easy for even newcomers to this highly specialized field to get started in qualified tribological testing. By means of an IoT interface, the ETS Easy Tribology Screener also opens up a completely new field of application for tribological test systems – functional condition monitoring and predictive maintenance.

Optimol Instruments will be exhibiting on stand 233.