New Extreme Pressure additive from SEQENS

In the lubricants industry, SEQENS Advanced Specialties has supported its customers for more than 50 years for the development and the formulation of metalworking fluids, protection fluids, and greases with a wide offer of technologies, ranging from extreme pressure sulfurized additives, with customized features enabling formulation fine-tuning for neat and soluble oils, greases and industrial lubricants.

SEQENS extreme pressure additives are sulfurized molecules that provide resistance to high loads and at times combined good anti-wear performances. They react with metal surface under heavy loads and form a physical barrier that persists under extreme conditions, preventing metal to metal contact. The percentage of sulfur varies from 10% to 34%, active or inactive.

To answer our customers’ need to get additives with wide inventories to be able to sell their products all around the world, SEQENS expands its Extreme Pressure additives range with a new sulfurized ester, ROSCAN® 1110.

ROSCAN® 1110 is a cost-effective solution and has large inventories allowing lubricant suppliers to safely formulate their products and ensure their distribution worldwide (REACH, TSCA, DSL, ENCS, AICS, KECL, PICCS, NZIoC, IECSC, TSCI).

ROSCAN® 1110 is an extreme pressure additive recommended for metalworking applications, industrial lubricants and for greases additivation.

ROSCAN® 1110 is a 11% sulfur content light colored sulfurized, non-copper corrosive mixture of highly refined natural fatty acid esters and hydrocarbons soluble in mineral and synthetic base stocks (depending on base oil origin. It is recommended to check it in the finished product.).

ROSCAN® 1110 suited especially for non-ferrous and aluminium alloys metalworking formulations, it brings Extreme Pressure/Antiwear synergistic effect in neat cutting oils formulations.


ROSCAN® 1110 performances and wide inventories status make it a versatile additive suitable for various
formulations ‘types worldwide.

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