Keeping the Wheels of Agriculture Turning

Modern agriculture is largely an industrial affair. Certainly, the vast majority of activity involves heavy duty machinery. And this machinery requires a lot of care if it is to continue to operate optimally. After all, downtime in the agricultural sector not only means loss of profits, but it can also result in reduced food crops. Perhaps in no other sector is equipment uptime more important.

It’s critical then, that this equipment be kept in prime condition and able to offer optimal performance. Lubrication is a crucial element in this. And not just any lubricant will do; agricultural machinery is frequently operating in the harshest of environments, in all weathers. Day in, day out, this is equipment that is expected to get stuck in and do the job, in dust, dirt, high humidity and extremes of temperature, for long durations.

Lubricants formulated for extremes

Agricultural machinery, then, needs lubrication that is able to withstand the most demanding of working conditions. Valvoline, a leading supplier of premium branded lubricants and automotive services since 1866 has developed a range of top quality heavy duty fluids based on these requirements.

The range is diverse and covers engine oils, coolants, hydraulic oils, gear and transmission oils, greases and final drive lubrications for tractors, seeders, corn-pickers, combine harvesters, diggers and other agricultural equipment.

The range aims to achieve four main goals: increasing the efficiency of the equipment, protecting the equipment, reducing the total cost of ownership over the lifecycle and producing optimal yields.

“We listened to the market and designed a range of lubricants which have been formulated to maintain, and under some conditions, even enhance the performance of agricultural equipment. In this way, maintenance and unplanned downtime are kept to a minimum, lowering operating costs and maximizing productivity.” explains Mike McCabe, Marketing Director at Valvoline EMEA.

“The ultimate result of which,” he continues, “is increased profitability.”

Trophy winning champions

The performance of the Valvoline heavy-duty product range is proven. The company participated in the 89th International Agricultural Fair in Novi Sad, Serbia. The fair is one of the largest agricultural events in Europe. Valvoline, together with its Serbian distribution partner Agrotech and PCMO distributor Bavaria Team, participated in a number of trade promotions.

Each year, the Agricultural Fair organizes a program of product quality scoring. This year, this involved products across 25 groups, including agricultural business, food, chemical industry and many more. Valvoline applied to the chemical industry category with its heavy-duty product range.

The products were independently tested and evaluated. They won the highest score and the greatest number of gold medals, which resulted in Valvoline’s fluids being awarded with a Big Champion Trophy within the chemical industry category.

Support beyond product delivery

It’s not only about the products, though.” states Mike McCabe. 

“Understanding the importance of proper lubrication is a crucial factor in gaining competitive advantage, improving productivity and reducing total cost of ownership. Selecting the right product is only the first step.”

“Applying the right amount of lubricant, to the right place, at the right time, is a crucial factor in ensuring the correct working of the equipment.” he says.

“Therefore, as well as offering the optimal product mix, Valvoline also offers product training, and technical support.”

He continues, “We can also advise on application and storage of our products over time, and offer tailor made used fluid analysis support”.

Correct storage of the products is essential to ensure that they do not become contaminated or degraded. It also helps to avoid any health and safety and environmental risks. At the same time, used fluid analysis ensures that they continue to perform as required and avoids excess wear and tear of the equipment, as well as decreased productivity, profitability and increased maintenance costs.

“Additionally, to support our distributors, we provide a whole range of marketing support so that they, too, can assist their clients, the end users, in best practice.  This way we can help implement an effective lubricant management procedure and ensure that any system using Valvoline products runs as efficiently as possible, for as long as possible,” concludes Mike McCabe.

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