Interview with Mario Majic, Head of Strategic Business Development, Marketing & Corporate at Avista Oil

What area of the lubricants industry do you specialise in, and how does it benefit the industry?
We are a producer of a wide range of automotive, industrial and speciality lubricants. However, we are specialists in producing high-quality sustainable lubricants offering unique carbon savings due to our circular business model. With our closed loop system in which we collect used lubricating oils from various sources, our innovative waste free re refining technology and our subsequent product development with in house blending and filling, we create an exceptional benefit to the industry. We offer our clients to be part of a sustainable value chain that by itself paves the way for a more circular planet with less use of earth’s finite resources.

What do you think are the industry’s biggest challenges?
The biggest challenges of the industry is going to be to find sustainable solutions for the (globally) increasing lubricant demand amid decreasing (conventional) supply as the world is getting more conscious about how we deploy our resources and how we interact with the environment. There are only few ways on how to match this, one of it is definitely circularity in the lubricant industry.

How do you see the industry developing over the next 10+ years?
In 10+ years from now, we will probably look back and say, why didn’t we make the step towards a more sustainable industry at least 10 years earlier.

What will you be showcasing on your stand at Lubricant Expo?
We will showcase our circular value chain model focussing on integrated solutions for the industry focussing on our most sustainable lubricant brand AVISTA. Therefore, we will have experts from the lubricant as well as the used oil management part on board to consult and highlight the importance of circularity within our industry.

What are you most looking forward to seeing at the show?
Many exciting market participants and their offerings as well as an interested audience that would like to know and experience more about the future of the lubricant industry.