How to match ecological transition in lubrication? Two inside points of view by Temix Oleo.

We think that there’s no better way to talk about ourselves than using the words of someone who knows Temix Oleo very well, someone who’s part of it and works everyday for its success and development.

Mirko Locritani, R&D-QC Manager and Silvana Manzoni, Product Development Manager.

What is your role and responsibility?

We work together and we are responsible for major development projects for international and national customers. We follow many parts of the development process in order to customise products and provide the best and most up-to-date solutions to our customers.

What innovations are you seeing in the lubricant market that is exciting for the future industry?

There are many challenges and sustainability in all applications of our life is a crucial one.

We have turned this challenge into an opportunity to develop new products or find new applications, from the electrification of combustion engines to dielectric oils for fast-charging transformers.

We have sought to develop biodegradable and long-life products to reduce waste and make sustainable processes more efficient, so as to conserve ecosystems, natural resources and create a future that improves our lives.

What technologies or materials does Temix Oleo specialise in?

We are well integrated producing fatty acids and esters. Main markets for fatty acids are automotive and oleochemical industries. But our main business is for synthetic esters in the lubricant formulations.

We are specialized in Bio-Lubricant because our commitment to environmental protection but also because the tightening of legal regulations increase the need for sustainable lubrication in the form of bio-lubricants. Synthetic esters are based on natural fatty acids derived from renewable sources, their use as base oils is also gaining importance.

We have solutions for different applications trying to conjugate performance with non-hazardous and biodegradable products. In fact, we have many products certified in the Lusc List.

We have technologies for

– industrial gear;

– hydraulic fluid;

– turbine and compressor;

– metalworking;

– high temperature oil;

– engine oil;

– refrigerator oil

What innovations and new product applications are you currently working on?

As part of the ecological transition undertaken worldwide by all sectors of industry and transport, one of the cornerstones is the reduction of greenhouse gases. The automotive industry is among the main players involved in the transition process. All car manufacturers have independently committed to substantially reducing CO2 emissions from the current fleet average of 135-150 g/km.

One of the most successful processes is the transformation of engines from internal combustion to electric. However, the electrification of the car will take much longer than 2026, hence the need to work on combustion engines as well, making them more efficient and less polluting.

The key lies in improving the lubrication of engines and transmission processes through the use of high-performance synthetic lubricants, which reduce friction even at low temperatures and can lead to fuel-efficient engines.

Such performance is also required in electric vehicles, both at the engine and transmission level, so Temix Oleo is developing high-efficiency synthetic-based lubricating oils that can be used in both electric and internal combustion vehicles, with great advantages also in mixed-cycle engines, such as pure Hybrid and Plug-in.

The possibility of producing biodegradable and environmentally friendly esters allows Temix Oleo to play a leading role in the development of these new high-performance lubricants and to actively participate in the ecological transition of the car.

What do you think are the benefits of attending Lubricant Expo for both exhibitors and attendees?

Besides excellent technical presentations, the Lubricant Expo offers great networking opportunities with the long-standing experts and companies in the industry while at the same time allowing participants to foster their business.

Temix Oleo are exhibiting at Lubricant Expo & The Bearing Show on stand 539.