High Speed Bearing Test Rig for EV Lubricants

Electric vehicle lubricants or e-fluids/greases must comply with more specifications compared to the conventional fluids/greases used in IC engines. A new generation of component test rigs relevant to fully electric vehicles (EVs) became essential for a lubricants industry that is focusing its R&D efforts to compete and create value in the EVs market space.

Ducom Instruments has invested in a new line of Electrical Lubricant Test Rigs (ELTRs) that can address all the critical test parameters required for qualifying fluids and greases used in lubricating electric drive train components. We are excited to launch our High Speed Bearing Test Rig – a key product within Ducom ELTRs.

The test instrument is designed to investigate the following applications:

  • e-fluids energy efficiency mapping using the bearing friction torque vs. speed characteristics curve.
  • e-grease life estimation at high speed by sudden death testing method based on cut-off temperature or friction torque.
  • Accelerated testing using the heated grease within HTPL and LTPL range.
  • Generating e-fluids/greases noise and vibration characteristics curves at varying torque vs. speed profile
  • Analyzing e-fluids/greases electrical behavior to prevent wear due to electric discharge at varying applied torque and speed.
  • Evaluating e-fluids lubrication methods using the controlled oil recirculation for mist or splash type.
  • e-fluids/greases additive performance analysis by using friction coefficient, vibration, temperature.
  • Estimating e-fluids aging based on visual inspection for foaming and color change of sheared fluids during the test

During the proceeding of Lubricant Expo Europe 2023 (26-28 September, Essen, Germany) we will present the innovative product design of this two-stage lubricated bearing tester.

Rendered image of one of the two test bearing assembly (left) and of the whole test assembly (right) of Ducom High Speed Bearing Test Rig.