GL OIL S.p.A: Research and Innovation Applied to Oil and Lubricants

GL OIL S.p.A is a manufacturer of innovative lubricants with many years of experience that works
every day to produce engine oils for all types of vehicles and lubricants for all sectors, being capable
of responding to the new market challenges and satisfy the latest and rigorous requests from the
lubricant industry.

Giuseppe Langella, entrepreneur from the Campania region and President of GL OIL S.p.A, talks
about his research and innovation activities applied to oil and lubricants and, in particular, he
illustrates the characteristics and benefits of the product range under the LUBLAN brand.

The LUBLAN product line includes lubricating oil of mineral, semi-synthetic or synthetic origin
obtained and developed for maximum performance.

“The unique technology adopted for LUBLAN lubricants represents the basis for the next generation
of lubricants. They are designed to protect today’s engines and with the objective of supporting the
vehicles of tomorrow”, declares Giuseppe Langella, president of GL OIL S.p.A. “The process
underlying the exclusive technology allows us to obtain a crystalline synthetic base oil essentially
free of impurities. Compared to traditional synthetic formulations, this particular process gives the
finished lubricant a better performance in terms of viscosity, reduction of friction and volatility. An
excellent product capable of ensuring exceptional operational characteristics.”

Main features
The characteristics of LUBLAN lubricants translate into concrete benefits for today’s motorists, who
are increasingly attentive to the efficiency of their vehicles:

  • Engine protection from stress and wear out
    Even in demanding conditions, LUBLAN lubricants guarantee greater protection by remaining in an
    optimal condition for longer as they protect from wear out, increase resistance to oil degradation by
    a percentage that is higher than the latest industry standards and reduce oil evaporation resulting in
    lower oil consumption and top-ups.
  • Performance in extreme conditions
    The LUBLAN range has been developed to offer longer lasting engine protection at high temperatures
    and greater resistance to extremely cold temperatures. Therefore ensuring faster sliding at
    temperatures of -40°C and faster engine start-up and warm-up.
  • Lower fuel consumption
    Save up to 3% thanks to the formulation that allows a reduction in friction and a lower resistance to
    pumping that comes from the optimal viscosity at low temperatures.
    The new technology adopted by GL OIL S.p.A, declares the President Giuseppe Langella, in
    combination with the consolidated package of additives make LUBLAN the most innovative and
    high-performance engine oil they have ever produced.