GESERCO’s Rapid Lubricant Test Kits

At GESERCO, we invented the concept of rapid lubricant test kits in 1973, enabling immediate and cost-effective condition monitoring of lubricants without sending a sample to a laboratory. Since then, our concept has gained popularity and has been chosen by tens of thousands of professionals.

Our comprehensive range of innovative equipment enables quick assessment of the condition of lubricants, fuels, and solvents. Our tests cover petroleum, synthetic, and bio-based products, including motor oils, hydraulic fluids, power oils, turbine oils, gearbox oils, machining fluids, biolubricants, and biodiesels.

By monitoring essential control parameters (viscosity, dilution, dispersion and detergency, basicity, presence of water, acidity, pollution…), our portable kits enable rapid and reliable diagnosis of machine condition.

Our oil analysis kits enable effective preventive maintenance to avoid breakdowns and failures. So why miss out?