FoxInsights Returns to Lubricant Expo: Q&A

The anticipation is building as the Lubricant Expo prepares to welcome FoxInsights back. The Munich-based IoT company, known for its holistic remote tank monitoring solutions, is returning as an exhibitor at Booth 722. Here’s a look at what they have in store for attendees and the industry at large:

Q1: Can you tell us about your presence at the upcoming Lubricant Expo?

A: Certainly! We’re thrilled to announce our return as an exhibitor at the Lubricant Expo. We’re looking forward to welcoming attendees to learn firsthand about our cutting-edge intelligent tank data analysis solutions, and the overall impact on the value chain, such as the optimisation of business processes as well as resource efficiency.

Q2: What motivated your decision to exhibit at this year’s event?

A: The Lubricant Expo offers an unparalleled platform to connect with industry stakeholders and lubricant suppliers. It’s an opportunity for us to showcase our advancements and engage in meaningful conversations about the challenges and opportunities in the sector.

Q3: Who are you looking to engage with at the expo?

A: Our primary goal is to introduce ourselves to more lubricant suppliers in Europe and establish connections with key industry stakeholders. We’re eager to understand the challenges they face and share our experiences while offering tailor-made solutions. Additionally, we’re seeking collaborations with companies that cater to the same target audience to explore extended value chain possibilities. Of course, we’re also excited to reconnect with our existing partners to discuss the current state of our partnerships and plan for the future.

Q4: Could you provide an overview of FoxInsights for those unfamiliar with your company?

A: Absolutely. At FoxInsights, we specialize in intelligent tank data analysis. Our solutions enable companies in the energy, mobility, and recycling sectors to optimize their business processes and resource efficiency using remote tank monitoring. We use data-driven insights and artificial intelligence to answer the critical question, “How much is in the tank?” This empowers our partners to predict customer behavior, enhance planning, and streamline logistics for improved efficiency.

Q5: What innovations from FoxInsights will capture the interest of lubricant distributors?

A: Decision-making based on real-time data is becoming crucial, especially in the lubricants industry. Our DipatchingAI service, backed by artificial intelligence, helps answer the question of who truly needs a delivery at the moment. This optimization can reduce operational costs by up to 1/3. Our SalesAI service predicts order probabilities and quantities for end customers, increasing outbound sales success rates and reducing sales team workload. On the hardware front, we’re unveiling an enhanced version of our FoxPressure fill level sensor. It offers more connectivity options, including GPS tracking and flexible installation features for underground tanks.

Q6: What advice do you have for lubricant distributors attending the expo?

A: Embrace data! In today’s market landscape, data-driven optimization of sales, logistics, and marketing is a game-changer. We encourage distributors to leave cold calling in the past and leverage available data to make informed decisions. Additionally, investing in systems that seamlessly communicate through APIs is essential. Data is valuable, but its true potential is unlocked when it can flow seamlessly through your tools.

Q7: How can FoxInsights assist lubricant distributors in enhancing their business strategies?

A: Our focus is on data. While sales teams and dispatchers excel at their roles, integrating reliable data stabilizes and optimizes processes, fostering growth. This data isn’t just a foundation but also a safety net. It opens up new business models, enabling suppliers to cater precisely to customer needs. Those armed with insights into customer tanks gain a competitive edge by identifying and meeting these needs effectively.

As the countdown to the Lubricant Expo continues, FoxInsights promises a showcase of innovation that aims to reshape the lubricant distribution landscape. Their presence at Booth 722 offers a unique opportunity for attendees to witness the future of data-driven solutions firsthand.