Food Grade Complex Ester For Aluminium Foil Lubrication

3-S Muhendislik is a Turkey based lubricant/chemical manufacturing company with 30 years of history. Lubricant business has evolved into production of new generation oleochemicals under the brand TRIEST. Now, 3-S Muhendislik announces its newest ester into the TRIEST family. TRIEST CMCT-0811 is NSF 3H approved, Kosher certified ester which can be used as a lubricant in aluminium food container foils.

TRIEST CMCT-0811 is a triglyceride ester derived from sustainable resources. It helps preventing scratches and tearing on the foil during forming operations. It can easily be applied to the foil surface. TRIEST CMCT-0811 is resistant to high temperatures and oxidation and is liquid at room temperature. 3-S Muhendislik offers TRIEST CMCT-0811 in drums and IBC packaging.

AppearanceGTM 2225Pale Yellow
Kinematic ViscosityASTM D44578-88mm2
/s (40 ºC)
DensityASTM D12981000-1020kg/m3
(15 ºC)
Acid ValueGTM 1000≤2mg KOH/g
Saponification NumberASTM D94400-450mg KOH/g
Flash PointASTM D92≥260ºC

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