Exhibitor Spotlight with Anova

  • What area of the lubricants industry do you specialise in, and how does it benefit the industry?
    • Anova specializes in solutions that optimize the efficiency of global downstream distribution of essential gasses and fluids for home, business, and industry. For the lubricants industry, Anova offers a remote tank monitoring and delivery planning solution that improves visibility and decision-making across the supply chain. Our solutions harness the power of data to provide real-time inventory levels, predictive usage analytics, and delivery efficiency scorecards to help our customers save money and improve service by enabling better data-driven decisions. This helps our customers manage inventory levels and schedule truck deliveries of business-critical bulk chemicals, fuels, and lubricants to storage tanks at end-user and retail locations. Anova’s technology platform improves performance and lowers costs of truck dispatch and delivery operations while improving customer service with increased responsiveness to customer needs. It streamlines order creation, dispatch workflows, and fulfilment for bulk lubricant, fuels, and chemical product deliveries using data analytics and predictive modeling technology for optimized decision making. Benefits of using Anova’s platform include reduced runouts and emergency deliveries, optimized delivery schedules, increased safety, and improved product integrity. Additionally, the platform can help lower carbon emissions by decreasing deliveries and allowing you to focus on high-priority business activities.
  • What do you think are the industry’s biggest challenges?
    • One of the biggest challenges in the lubricant supply chain is the integration and implementation of current and emerging technologies to improve supply-chain processes and data insights. Some examples of emerging technologies in the lubricant supply chain include remote Internet of Things (IoT) enabled real-time monitoring of equipment and stock levels to improve maintenance efficiency and enable vendor-managed stock optimization while helping to increase customer intimacy. Additionally, supply chain technology is evolving to improve human decision making and manage assets at the edge. These advancements can help address digital transformation and provide a competitive advantage for companies in the lubricant supply chain. Companies that can integrate systems and applications across the supply chain will create value for multiple stakeholders and better meet customer demands for seamless product availability, advanced notifications, and predictive service delivery.
  • How do you see the industry developing over the next 10+ years?
    • Over the next 10 years, the lubricant and chemical distribution industry is likely to see a rise in e-commerce type of interactions, with AI tools supporting dynamic supply chain automation, and subscription-based services. Predictive analytics – such as Anova’s Unify ® –  will help companies forecast demand and usage patterns, optimizing inventory levels, and reducing the risk of disruption across the supply chain. Logistics optimization platforms and AI analytics will optimize delivery routes, considering factors such as traffic, weather, and delivery schedules to minimize travel time and reduce fuel consumption. Mobile transactions, services, and notifications will also increase productivity for all stakeholders in the supply chain as the workforce continues to mobilize. Overall, the future of the lubricant, fuel, and chemical supply and logistics technology looks bright with many exciting developments on the horizon – and Anova is excited to be on the frontlines.
  • What will you be showcasing on your stand at Lubricant Expo?

Anova will be showcasing the Anova Universal Tank Monitor ®that automatically connects to the best signal among all major cellular networks, thanks to its Universal SIM. Providing reliable submersible pressure measurements across fluids, petroleum products, and chemicals, the Anova UTM ® supports multiple sensors. With easy installation, a 20+ year battery, and clip-in cables, the Anova UTM ® helps drive better distribution, more volume and less miles. Anova will also be showcasing its unparalleled analytics platform that enables sophisticated business intelligence and better forecasts derived from your data. Anova Unify® is Anova’s combination of IIOT and artificial intelligence which provides accurate tank-level forecasting on unmonitored tanks, outperforming the accuracy of traditional forecasting methods. Advanced algorithms learn from every collected data point across a tank population including telemetry and delivery data, resulting in higher efficiency deliveries. With decades of industry experience, Anova will assist in helping transform a business and drive profit. Outcomes include better fill efficiency, less churn with higher margins, better truck use with more delivered volume thus ultimately producing higher profitability.

  • What are you most looking forward to seeing at the show?
    • As an IIot company attending the Lubricant Expo in Germany for the first time, we are incredibly excited about the unique opportunities this show holds for us from exploring the latest innovations and advancements in the lubricant industry to engaging with industry leaders, experts, and professionals that can open doors to collaborations, partnerships, and knowledge sharing. We’re also incredibly excited to present our solutions tailored for the lubricant sector. The Lubricant expo provides a platform for us to demonstrate how Anova’s technology can enhance the monitoring, analysis and optimization for lubricant operations.