Using Real Operation Parameters to Optimise Rotation; Bearing Load Monitoring

Bearings serve as the connection between the rotating and fixed components, placing them at the core of all crucial load paths in rotating equipment. This presentation aims to provide insights into the value and utilization of bearing load monitoring, demonstrating how it can enhance design, boost availability, and improve operation. Real-life industry examples from various sectors will be showcased.

Designing, monitoring and controlling rotating equipment is a lesson in how much you really know about your equipment and the accumulated severity of its operating condition. The severity of the operating condition is mainly characterized by the various loads acting on your equipment. Only from a fraction of the loads, the payload, the revenue is derived BUT all accumulated loads will consume remaining useful life and will act as a risk for your operation. In this presentation we will show sensing solutions that allow you to optimize performance by controlling the payload. Real application examples and results are shown how real-time load data that allows you to monitor and optimize the operating conditions by minimizing the unwanted loads and therefore optimize your rotation!