The Maintenance Manager’s Lubrication Masterclass Series: Part 1 – Easy Wins for Your Lubrication Program

Our Maintenance Managers Masterclass is a comprehensive two-part series designed to assist professionals in enhancing and optimizing their lubrication programs. The course covers a wide range of topics and offers valuable insights to help maintenance managers refine their skills and improve their overall maintenance practices. 

Our masterclass will be led by Rafe Britton, a highly regarded lubrication expert renowned for his exceptional track record in assisting companies with their lubrication strategies and enhancing the skills of their workforce. With extensive experience in the field, Rafe Britton has established himself as a distinguished teacher, recognized for his expertise in lubrication techniques and his ability to effectively impart knowledge to participants. 

 Part 1 will provide attendees with valuable knowledge and guidance on various subjects, including effective lubrication strategies, maintenance best practices, team structure, and advice for maximizing equipment performance. 

Discussion points 

  •  Why are most lubrication programs not achieving their goals?  
  • How can you structure your team for success (defining roles and responsibilities)? 
  • What kind of training should your team undertake? 
  • What basic errors are being committed in the field of lubrication (contamination, over greasing, oil sampling errors and more)?