Lubricant Regulation: Unveiling Opportunities and Effective Navigation

The prevailing perception surrounding lubricant regulation often leans towards a pessimistic outlook, with an aura of impending doom. However, instead of solely focusing on the negative impacts, it is crucial to explore ways to harness its potential advantages. Understanding the drawbacks of an unregulated world can provide valuable insights into the potential consequences of lax regulations. Additionally, identifying opportunities that arise from this situation can lead to innovative solutions and advancements in the field. So how do we effectively navigate lubricant regulation and what opportunities can be unveiled?  

 Discussion Points  

  • How can you mitigate the effects of new lubricant regulations?  
  • What would an unregulated world look like? Why are these regulations necessary?  
  • What opportunities can be found? How are they different for small, medium, and large lubricant companies?