Managing the Cost of Industry Change: Balancing Economic Sustainability with Environmental Sustainability

In the rapidly evolving landscape of the Lubricant industry, a critical challenge emerges; balancing economic and environmental sustainability. Lubricant producers find themselves at a crossroads as they face the requirement for substantial investments in developing efficient and sustainable lubricants. However, this poses a dilemma, OEMs frequently introduce new specifications, and design architectures frequently change.  

 The difficulty lies in recovering these investments within a reasonable timeframe. As the demand for sustainable lubricants continues to rise, and the ICE faces an imminent phase out, the industry must rise to the occasion and find innovative solutions. So, how can the lubricants industry effectively manage the costs associated with this transformative change? 

 Discussion Points

  • How do we handle the price tag of industry change? 
  • Will lubricant manufacturers see returns on their investments in efficiency and performance advancements? 
  • Are sustainability investments sustainable?