Advancing Metalworking Efficiency – Performance, Cost-Saving & Sustainability with State-of-the-art Lubricating Fluids

Achieving a balance between cost savings, efficiency, and environmental sustainability is of utmost importance in the realm of metalworking fluids. For the industrial and transportation sectors, addressing the pressing need to reduce CO2 emissions and minimize waste is paramount. 

It is crucial to prioritize the optimization of these next-generation sustainable lubricants, ensuring not only their enhanced efficiency but also their cost-saving properties. This requires a comprehensive approach that includes the replacement of conventional base oils and the careful rebalancing of additive packages. By focusing on these key factors, we can further enhance the performance and economic benefits of these lubricants. 

This session aims to unpack the latest in metalworking fluids, contemplating sustainability, efficiency, and cost savings potential.  

  Discussion Points:

  • How do innovative metalworking solutions offer user and environment-friendly alternatives for industry and transport markets? 
  • What specific eco-friendly features do these solutions have, contributing to reduced CO2 emissions and environmental impact? 
  • What cost savings and economic benefits can industries and transportation sectors expect from adopting these metalworking solutions? 
  • How do these innovative solutions demonstrate versatility and adaptability to meet the diverse needs of metalworking applications in industry and transportation?