Meeting the Complex Needs of Tomorrows Heavy Duty Architectures – Solutions for a Diverse Range of Powertrain Technologies

The electric vehicle fluids market for commercial vehicles is projected to reach a value of $3 billion USD by 2030, representing significant growth potential for the lubricant value chain. However, keeping pace with the ever-expanding range of vehicle designs entering the market each year poses its own set of challenges. 

 With the increasing diversification of vehicle design architectures and powertrain technologies in the automotive sector, the lubricant industry must navigate the evolving landscape to effectively position itself. The emergence of electric heavy-duty vehicles, hybrid systems, and advanced internal combustion engines necessitates the development of fluids that can cater to the specific demands of these diverse architectures. 

In this session, representatives from the lubricant industry will converge with key end users to engage in a dialogue about how we can meet these challenges.  

  Discussion Points:  

  • How do you design a fluid based on the variety of vehicle engine designs that the industry is seeing right now? 
  • What is the incoming technology outlook for powertrain and vehicle architecture from key suppliers 
  • What solutions are the industry developing for these emerging requirements 
  • What challenges and opportunities can be found for both the lubricants industry and customers in the rapidly advancing automotive sector?