Lithium Hydroxide: A Forecast of Supply and Alternative Solutions

Lithium, a crucial material in lubricant formulations, has experienced a significant surge in demand due to its role in battery development for electric vehicles and other technologies. Analysts have debated whether supply can meet this growing demand, while the price of lithium has spiked by 477% in 2021 and a further 77% in 2022. The industry awaits developments in the latter months of this year. 

This situation has presented challenges for lubricant manufacturers heavily reliant on lithium as a thickener. Moreover, as sustainability becomes a greater focus in the industry, concerns arise regarding the environmental impact and sustainability of lithium-based lubricants. Consequently, some manufacturers are actively exploring alternatives that do not rely on lithium. 

This session will delve into the current state of the lithium situation in the lubricant industry. Exploring its environmental impact, supply dynamics, and available alternatives. 

Discussion Points:   

  • How did lithium become the dominant thickener in the market?   
  • What is the current lithium situation? Is there really a shortage?  
  • What lithium free alternatives are available?