Improving Energy Efficiency, Production Yield and Maintenance Efficiency of Robotics and Advanced Manufacturing through Next-Generation Fluids and Lubricants

Boston Consulting Group projected that the robotics market will reach $87 billion by 2025, and for good reason. Robotics enable continuous production in manufacturing lines, as well as the automation of dull, dirty or dangerous task, therefore decreasing labour costs, improving health and safety, waste reduction and increasing production efficiency. Any outages, however, can quickly lead to costly losses: according to iResearch’s Robots on the Rise research report, “a single minute of interruption can cost an automotive manufacturer roughly US$ 22,000”; and lubricants have a huge part to play in decreasing failure rates, extending life span, and reducing production faults. Join this session to find out how lubricants and fluids can aide in improving robotic energy efficiency, production yield and maintenance efficiency. 

Discussion Points: 

  • Discuss Fundamentals: Market Potential and Ecosystem Analysis
  • Examining performance requirements of lubricants for robotics
  • Lubricant selection guidance for manufacturers 
  • Maintenance and inspection strategies and best practices