EHC 340 MAX: Elevating Extra Heavy Base Stocks

ExxonMobil has previously announced the introduction of a unique high-viscosity Group II clear and bright base stock – EHC 340 MAX™ – at a large scale, scheduled for startup in 2025. EHC 340 MAX™ will be available globally.

EHC 340 MAX™ complements the viscosity range of the existing EHC™ slate with a base stock that is comparable in viscosity to Group I bright stock but allows customers to blend a wide range of high viscosity finished lubricants where traditional Group I base stocks use is limited. The new product is suitable for lubricants that require extra high viscosity, low temperature performance, high oxidation stability, high viscosity index, and a high flashpoint, which is critical for high temperature applications. Intended applications include gas engine oils, marine lubricants, greases, engine oils, industrial oils, and gear oils. In this exhibition, we will review the application breadth & performance benefits of this innovative product in key lubricant applications.