Developments in Global Base Oil Supply Dynamics and its Impact on Spot and Future Prices

 The supply landscape for base oils in Europe has undergone significant changes due to a series of macroeconomic and geopolitical events, impacting demand-supply fundamentals and prices. As regional developments and evolving trade flows have continued to complicate the situation, many challenges have been exposed for inventory management and pricing strategies among market players. 

Nevertheless, amidst these complexities, there exists a unique opportunity for those equipped with up-to-date market intelligence. By leveraging this invaluable information, market participants can navigate the shifts more effectively and seize the emerging prospects with confidence. This session will aim to explore the key factors impacting base oil supply and what opportunities exist for European market participants.  

Discussion Points:

  • What are the key factors impacting base oil supply? 
  • Why do European market participants need to adopt a global perspective on base oils? 
  • How do changes in demand and supply fundamentals impact base oil pricing? 
  • What market developments and opportunities are there for participants in Europe?