Developing the Supply Chain for Re-Refined Base Oils 

Re-refining of base oils offers an opportunity for the industry to bring circularity into the supply chain. Not only does it reduce the amount of crude oil being used, uses 50% less energy and has higher yields than the initial refining process; it also helps resolve disposal issues of used lubricants. On the other hand, the industry has a way to go to in developing the infrastructure and partnerships required to create the scalability and bring down the cost. In this session, the supply chain gets together to investigate:  

  • What are the sustainability benefits of re-refined base oil? 
  • What kind of formulations are suitable, what are their characteristics and specifications and how can they improve formulations?  
  • What are the limitations and challenges for different chemistries? 
  • How do you create scale and create the infrastructure to support re-refining?