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Interview with Dr Manfred Jungk, MJ Tribology

Lubricant Expo interviewed their advisory board member Dr Manfred Jungk, founder and lubrication technology consultant of MJ Tribology. They discussed his 30 year career in the lubricants industry, the future of it and its challenges and what he is looking forward to seeing at Lubricant Expo 2022.

Interview with Apu Gosalia – Sustainability Expert Advisor

Lubricant Expo interviewed Apu Gosalia about how the lubricant’s industry is heading for a more sustainable future, why he is so passionate about sustainability and his career highlights. Look out for part 2….. coming soon!

SEQENS Extends LUSC list with 2 Extreme Pressure Additives

Our two extreme pressure additives, SULFAD® 1710E and SULFAD® 1711E, comply with the criteria according to EU Commission decision 2018/1702 from 08th of November 2018 and were added to the Lubricant Substance Classification list (short: LuSC list). The LuSC list is a list of substances that have been assessed on its biodegradation, aquatictoxicity, renewability and… Continue

Sustainable Spotlight – Green Oleo

Over the years, Green Oleo has acquired a strong expertise in Fatty Acids production. The company production site, located in Italy (Cremona), evolved from a process using tallow raw materials to a flexible process that can receive a wide range of raw materials: renewable products and renewable by-products not conflicting with the food value chain.… Continue

Valvoline Intelligent Fluid Technology for Hybrid Vehicles

The electric and hybrid electric vehicle market is predicted to grow globally in the coming years as global automakers and governments look to tackle fuel emissions, and consumers look for more efficient solutions that reduce their overall environmental impact. By 2025, J.P. Morgan predicts that electric and hybrid electric vehicles will account for an estimated… Continue

Biosynthetic Technologies Webinar: BioEstolides: A Sustainable Alternative to Petrolatum and Mineral Oil

Biosynthetic Technologies is a specialty ingredient supplier to the Beauty and Personal Care industry. We are dedicated to meeting evolving consumer needs, and are committed to sustainability and social responsibility. Watch their webinar on their unique products; BioEstolides™. A stable bio-derived based oils and a natural non-GMO source with unique performance features. BioEstolides™ are REACH… Continue

Synthetic Esters Enable Sustainable Lubrication – Peter Greven

Stronger commitment to environmental protection and tightening legal regulations increase theneed for sustainable lubrication in the form of bio-lubricants. As synthetic esters are based on natural fatty acids derived from renewable sources, their use as base oils is gaining in importance as well. Why are synthetic esters suitable for bio-lubricants? Bio-lubricants can be defined by… Continue

Exhibitor Spotlight: SEQENS Interview

Lubricant Expo interviewed Marie Legatte, Marketing Manager Advanced Specialties, Seqens. What is Seqens role within the lubricant industry and how do your technologies benefit the industry? SEQENS is an integrated global leader in pharmaceutical synthesis and specialty ingredients, delivering outstanding performance, unrivalled market responsiveness and tailor-made solutions to its customers. In the lubricant industry, SEQENS… Continue