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Green Oleo S.p.A – Sustainability Report

Interview with Matt Kriech, COO, Biosynthetic Technologies

Lubricant Expo interviewed Matt Kriech, Chief Operating Officer at Biosynthetic Technologies. He explained what Estolides are, how they are an alternative to other traditional lubricants, how he has seen the industry change over the years and who Biosynthetic Technologies are looking forward to meeting at Lubricant Expo. Biosynthetic Technologies are exhibiting at Lubricant Expo on… Continue

Apu Gosalia – Sustainability Expert Advisor – Interview Part 2

Part two of Lubricant Expo and Apu Goslia, Sustainability Expert. In this part, they discuss what advice Apu would give to companies who want to increase their sustainability, what exciting innovations he is seeing within the industry and why he wanted to become an advisory board member for Lubricant Expo.

SEQENS is introducing LOSMA® CARB M, a new multifunctional additive for water-based metalworking fluids

Amines are widely used in water-based metalworking fluid (MWF) concentrates, to neutralize acid-functional components and maintain alkaline pH once diluted by the end user. Today, it is a major challenge for formulators to find effective amines considering new regulations in a globally changing environment. Commonly used amines, such as monoethanolamine (MEA), triethanolamine (TEA), monoisopropanolamine (MIPA)… Continue

Creating Next Generation Lubricants For Electrified Mobility

As the world moves away from traditional internal combustion engines (ICEs) and towards complete electrification, the lubricant standards and test methods built up over a century of motoring become less valid. Fluids for EVs have similar basic requirements to those for ICE vehicles: They must lubricate and cool moving components, reducing friction and wear and… Continue

Interview with Apu Gosalia – Sustainability Expert Advisor

Lubricant Expo interviewed Apu Gosalia about how the lubricant’s industry is heading for a more sustainable future, why he is so passionate about sustainability and his career highlights. Look out for part 2….. coming soon!

SEQENS Extends LUSC list with 2 Extreme Pressure Additives

Our two extreme pressure additives, SULFAD® 1710E and SULFAD® 1711E, comply with the criteria according to EU Commission decision 2018/1702 from 08th of November 2018 and were added to the Lubricant Substance Classification list (short: LuSC list). The LuSC list is a list of substances that have been assessed on its biodegradation, aquatictoxicity, renewability and… Continue

Sustainable Spotlight – Green Oleo

Over the years, Green Oleo has acquired a strong expertise in Fatty Acids production. The company production site, located in Italy (Cremona), evolved from a process using tallow raw materials to a flexible process that can receive a wide range of raw materials: renewable products and renewable by-products not conflicting with the food value chain.… Continue