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Atten2 Celebrates 40% Sales Increase for Third Consecutive Year: Continues Global Expansion

Atten2 announces a 40% sales increase for the third consecutive year, consolidating its global presence. Based in Eibar and renowned for pioneering lubrication monitoring solutions, this achievement highlights growing market trust in its products and services. Since its founding, Atten2 has been recognized for its commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction. With a highly skilled… Continue

Mabanol: Modern, Innovative Lubricants from Germany

Since setting up our company in 2010, Mabanol has been widely known for innovative lubricant solutions from Germany. As a subsidiary of Marquard & Bahls, an independent company specializingin energy supply, trade, and logistics since 1947 which is headquartered in Hamburg, we have made aname for ourselves with first-class products in the automotive and industrial… Continue

Lubrex: Leading the Lubricant Industry with Innovation and Expertise

Lubrex, a premier lubricant manufacturing company based in the Middle East, continues to excel in the industry through its dedication to excellence, innovation, and customer satisfaction. With a fully automated facility and a global presence spanning over 80 countries, Lubrex has established itself as a trusted name in the world of lubricants. Offering a comprehensive… Continue

SDT Ultrasound Solutions Announces LUBExpert ON-GUARD

Smart Ultrasound Condition Based Lubrication SDT Ultrasound Solutions is excited to announce the release of the LUBExpert ON-GUARD, the newest addition to the SDT Catalog, combining automation with reliability, simplicity, and safety. Perfectly in line with the SDT mission, the LUBExpert ON-GUARD respects your assets and your work, gives you flexibility by conducting grease replenishment… Continue

GESERCO’s Rapid Lubricant Test Kits

At GESERCO, we invented the concept of rapid lubricant test kits in 1973, enabling immediate and cost-effective condition monitoring of lubricants without sending a sample to a laboratory. Since then, our concept has gained popularity and has been chosen by tens of thousands of professionals. Our comprehensive range of innovative equipment enables quick assessment of… Continue

GL OIL S.p.A: Research and Innovation Applied to Oil and Lubricants

GL OIL S.p.A is a manufacturer of innovative lubricants with many years of experience that worksevery day to produce engine oils for all types of vehicles and lubricants for all sectors, being capableof responding to the new market challenges and satisfy the latest and rigorous requests from thelubricant industry. Giuseppe Langella, entrepreneur from the Campania… Continue

SBZ CORPORATION Exhibiting at Lubricant Expo and The Bearing Show 2024

SBZ CORPORATION look forward to exhibiting at the Lubricant Expo and The Bearing Show Europe 2024. One of this year’s most anticipated gatherings of industry professionals, experts, suppliers and manufacturers. Visit our stand to discuss current trends, product developments and opportunities for mutual growth. Plus, don’t forget to enter our prize draw for your chance to win a prize!  SBZ CORPORATION’s… Continue

Graphene-xt and DIIEM To Conduct Research on New Fluids

Graphene-XT and the Department of Industrial, Electronic and Mechanical Engineering (DIIEM) of the Roma TRE University have signed a framework agreement to conduct research activities on new generation graphene-based hydraulic fluids. Experimental activities on pumps and high-pressure hydraulic systems are underway at the DIIEM hydraulic and pneumatic laboratory, coordinated by prof. Fulvio Palmieri The first… Continue