We think that there’s no better way to introduce ourselves than using the words of someone who knows Temix Oleo very well, someone who’s part of it and works every day for its success and development. Andrea Perata, Sales And Marketing Director Of Temix Oleo

Use three words to describe Temix Oleo:

Reliable, flexible and keen on innovation.

What type of products does Temix Oleo produce? Which are the business sectors?

We are well integrated producing fatty acids and esters. Main markets for fatty acids are automotive and oleochemical industries while principal applications for esters are in the cosmetic and, above all, in the lubricant formulations.

What is the corporate’s core business?

Esterifying is our attitude. This is our main strategic pillar: our focus is on esters, but always keeping in mind fatty acids are our source of building blocks for esters production. We recently experienced how important is the independency on raw material supply.

Which is the commitment in social, employees and environment?

Our mission since the beginning has been the right balance between innovation, quality and environmental preservation. We always watch at the future without losing sight of people working with us, our values and the sustainability. Even for these reasons we have disclosed our first sustainability report which is available on our website, where all our values, ethics and commitments are described.

Who does Temix Oleo collaborate with? And where is it located in the world?

There are several partnerships with key players in alcohols and acids manufactures always looking for renewable and/or sustainable sources. Our main reference markets are Italy and Germany in Europe, but we have good business established also in North & Latin America and fast growing in Far East (ROK and Japan mainly).

What is the contribution in terms of innovation and development?

Temix has an internal R&D department with a laboratory fully equipped with pilot plants and most up to date analytical pieces of equipment. We are keen on innovation, for example we are Reach lead registrant for some esters developed internally, always fostering the use of renewable materials.

What has led us to be one of the major players in the lubrification?

Since the very beginning we had a very strong commitment on quality and reliability and both these characteristics are very positively considered by our customers in the lubricants market.

How much are customers relations worth to you?

We are looking at our customers with a full partnership mindset: the relationship is not only based on commercial terms, we look at growing together with them.

Why are you taking part in Lubricant expo?

Exhibitions are a good moment for some benchmarking with competition and a window to get a look on market trends and innovations. Being focused on innovation and committed to a sustainable future, “Lubricant expo” perfectly matches these needs.  

Visit Temix Oleo on stand 539.