Dilapidation Charges

  • Any damage caused by exhibitors to the grounds or to the buildings or facilities on the grounds will be rectified by Messe Essen once the event has ended, at the expense of the exhibitor concerned
  • Any damage must be reported immediately in writing
  • Exhibitors are responsible for all panels, walls, columns, flooring, shell scheme stands and hired accessories within their stand area and any damages will be repaired at the exhibitor’s own expense
  • Any damage to the fabric of the building over and above normal wear and tear will be charged accordingly
  • Please note that nothing may be fixed to the fabric of the building or bolted to the floor without prior permission from the Venue
  • Please avoid damage by ensuring the following:
    • No equipment or furniture should be stored or displayed against any wall
    • No equipment or furniture should be dragged across the floors
    • No equipment should be dropped on the floors
    • Suitable floor protection should be used
    • Care must be taken when moving through doors