• Exhibitors must ensure that any demonstrations (i.e. operate machinery or carry out mechanical demonstrations) on their stands, do not constitute a fire or health & safety hazard, and must submit a full risk assessment to no later than 06 August 2024
  • Any exhibitor carrying out demonstrations involving public participation must submit a copy of their public liability insurance alongside their risk assessment
  • The activity must be confined within the stand and not protude onto the gangway
  • Any viewing areas must also be accounted for into the design of the stand and must not be on the gangways
  • All moving parts must be effectively guarded, with controls sited beyond public reach
  • The Organisers reserve the right to limit any practice that they consider dangerous or detrimental to the show/ public safety
  • Noise levels must not be set to a level that causes annoyance or nuisance to neighbouring exhibitors and/ or the public
  • The Organiser reserves the right to stop, control or reduce noise emissions in the case of a dispute