Compressed Gases & Liquid Gases

  • Please refer to the Venue Technical Guidelines (Section 5.7) for full guidance on the use of compressed & liquid gases
  • The use of Compressed Air, Compressed Gas and Liquid gas is not accepted without the written consent of Messe Essen
  • Please visit the Stand Services Page to place your orders through The Works Events, orders must be received no later than 6 weeks prior to the official start of set-up
  • All activities involving the use of compressed air/ gases must be fully risk assessed and included in your risk assessment
  • If using Liquid Gas, a maximum of one 10-l compressed gas flask/cylinder containing 11 kg may be installed
  • A spare flask/cylinder may be kept and must be protected against impact, falling over, unauthorised access and heat
  • Toxic gases may not be used
  • All lines leading from liquid gas connections must be checked for leaks and a certificate confirming proper installation must be obtained and submitted to Messe Essen