Exhibitor Spotlight: SEQENS Interview

Lubricant Expo interviewed Marie Legatte, Marketing Manager Advanced Specialties, Seqens. What is Seqens role within the lubricant industry and how do your technologies benefit the industry? SEQENS is an integrated global leader in pharmaceutical synthesis and specialty ingredients, delivering outstanding performance, unrivalled market responsiveness and tailor-made solutions to its customers. In the lubricant industry, SEQENS… Continue

Exhibitor Spotlight: Nynas

For several decades, Nynas has been a leading international supplier of naphthenic oils for greases, industrial lubricants and metalworking fluids. High solvency and excellent low-temperature properties make these oils suitable for different areas of application for which we can provide solutions, serving leading companies all over the world.Nynas offers the widest range of base oils… Continue

Interview with Robert Heuberger, Director of Sales & Marketing EMEA, GRACO

What is your role and responsibility within Graco and how does it fit within the wider lubricant industry? My background is mechanical engineering and economics which I studied at the DHBW in Stuttgart, Germany. After university I started in sales working for different companies in different sectors and areas joining Graco in 2013. Graco is… Continue

KELICO® V: The Unique Range Of Over Based Complex Calcium Sulfonate Biodegradable Greases By Seqens

One-step process from SEQENS Over the years SEQENS Advanced Specialties acquired a strong expertise in “one-step” carbonatation process and propose a unique range of overbased calcium sulfonate greases. During the “one-step process”, all ingredients are mixed together, sulfonic acid, base oil (vegetable, synthetic or mineral based) and lime. The finished greases are a complex mixture… Continue

Interview with Jeffery Yost, Founder & CEO, Biorenewable Solutions LLC

Lubricant Expo interviewed advisory board member Jeffery Yost, Founder & CEO of BioRenewable Solutions. Lubricant Expo and Jeffery spoke about sustainability within the industry, his amazing 30 year career and what the future holds for lubricants.

Interview with Professor Boris Zhmud, Head of Research & Development, Bizol Lubricants

Lubricant Expo interviewed advisory board member Professor Boris Zhmud, Head of Research & Development, Bizol Lubricants where we discussed his career to date, what innovations are happening in the lubricant industry, what new products Bizol Lubricants are currently working on and much more… What is your role and responsibility within BIZOL group? As the Head… Continue

ATIEL Welcomes The Release Of The New ACEA Light-Duty Sequences, Ensuring Industry Lubricant Specifications Offer Robust Protection For The Latest Engines

Since their introduction in 1996 the ACEA Oil Sequences have been updated periodically toensure that engine oils are able to meet the ever-changing requirements of the latest enginetechnologies. For the first time, ACEA 2021 has separated the Light Duty and Heavy Duty OilSequences to allow a more flexible approach to updating the specifications. ACEA 2021… Continue

Tribo-Screening Methods For Performance Testing Of Lubricants By Optimol Instruments

Testing the tribological properties of lubricants is a challenging task. Tribometers that represent tribocontacts in a model environment are able to both accurately simulate the operating conditions of high-quality lubricants and provide reliable results to differentiate their performance profiles. Oscillation In Tribotesting The SRV®, developed by a German manufacturer of industrial lubricants in the 1960s,… Continue