Olipes to exhibit products for public works, mining and industrial machinery at Lubricant Expo

A range of greases and lubricants for public works, mining and industrial machinery will be the star for Olipes at stand number 330 at Lubricant Expo, the international lubricants fair to be held from 6 to 8 September at the fairgrounds in Essen (Germany). Olipes’ presence at the event is part of its international expansion… Continue

Interview with Rahul Maheshka, International Sales Manager at FoxInsights

What area of the lubricants industry do you specialise in, and how does it benefit the industry? What do you think are the industry’s biggest challenges? How do you see the industry developing over the next 10+ years? What will you be showcasing at your stand at Lubricant Expo? What are you most looking forward… Continue

OQ Chemicals Launches Oxlube L7-NPG Ester Base Oil for EV Fluids

The global chemical company OQ Chemicals introduces its new ester base oil Oxlube L7-NPG, specificallydeveloped to help improve the performance and efficiency of electric vehicles (EV). It enables lubricant manufacturers to formulate optimized e-driveline lubricants that have low viscosity, a high flash point, and are readily biodegradable. Because of the low friction, lubricants based on… Continue

FoxInsights – Intelligent Tank Data Analysis Made in Germany

By providing intelligent tank data analysis, FoxInsights enables companies to optimise their business processes and resource efficiency. Based on the idea of remote tank monitoring, the progressive IoT company from Munich, Germany develops data-driven, partner-oriented, and measurably successful solutions that create real added value for sales, marketing, and logistics. This saves time, money, and natural… Continue

A New Extreme Pressure Additive SULFAD®1523E is Registered on the LUSC List

Our extreme pressure additive, SULFAD® 1523E comply with the criteria according to EU Commission decision 2018/1702 from 08th of November 2018 and were added to the Lubricant Substance Classification list (short: LuSC list). The LuSC list is a list of substances that have been assessed on its biodegradation, aquatictoxicity, renewability and exclusion lists of substances.… Continue


Castrol’s XBB cutting fluid range, available for both aluminum machining (Alusol XBB) and cast-iron and steel machining (Hysol XBB) ensures that the pH value remains stable over a longer time due to its dual-action chemical buffer. The more stable pH value also enables the end user to reduce the use of high-cost additives, in particular… Continue

Keeping the Wheels of Agriculture Turning

Modern agriculture is largely an industrial affair. Certainly, the vast majority of activity involves heavy duty machinery. And this machinery requires a lot of care if it is to continue to operate optimally. After all, downtime in the agricultural sector not only means loss of profits, but it can also result in reduced food crops.… Continue

New Texaco Delo “Omnimax” Oil Formulation

Chevron has developed a new engine oil containing around 60% fewer metallic components than many conventional high-performance oils. Texaco Delo 600 ADF, with Omnimax, a Chevron patented technology, is the first heavy-duty engine oil with the capability to reduce ash build up in DPF filters, helping deliver system protection to both the engine and the… Continue