The Top 5 Things You Need to Know Now

  1. All exhibitor contracts are for raw floor space only:
    • You are welcome to appoint your own contractor to install a custom-build stand for you
    • Alternatively, you can order a shell scheme stand package from The Works Events via this manual
  2. All exhibitors must complete the relevant Compulsory Stand Form for their participation:
  3. All stands must have walls and carpet/ flooring; pop/roll-up banners are not considered walling and must be accompanied by a custom-build stand or a stand package
  4. Please review and adhere to the Venue Technical Guidelines when planning your exhibit
  5. If you are shipping directly to the venue, please either ensure that a representative from your company is there to receive the shipment, or, coordinate the delivery with our partner, European International Fairs
    • Alternatively, consider making use of the advance warehouse facility provided by European International Fairs, for your shipments