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Lubricant Expo conference serves two distinct audiences, lubrication end-users and lubricant manufacturers. 

The conference agenda will equip attendees with an understanding of the future of the industry and how it will serve the evolving needs of lubricant customers.

Sessions will address challenges, opportunities, and innovations for both lubricant customers and lubricant manufacturers, with lively panel discussions, educational presentations and interactive workshops covering targeted topics for each audience group, as well as universally important discussions to both end-users and lubricant manufactures, including:

  • High-Performance Applications
  • Lubricants Sustainability
  • Meeting the Evolving Needs of Lubricant Customers
  • Lubricant Selection
  • The Lubricants Supply Chain – Challenges, Optimisation and Management
  • Energy Efficiency, Carbon Capture and Renewable Solutions
  • Lubricant R&D and Innovations
  • Digitalisation, IOT and AI
  • Cost Reduction Strategies
  • Process Optimisation and Intensification
  • Innovations in Blending and Manufacturing
  • Opportunities with Automation
  • Testing & Analysis

If you, or someone you know, would light the stage up as a speaker, moderator or panellist – get in touch by Monday 28th February – we don’t permit product pitches so you can be sure you’re joining a constructive and inspiring programme.

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