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Increased drive for sustainability, enhanced customer specifications, new performance requirements and the ground-breaking integration of mass data technologies is creating a vibrant and evolving landscape of opportunities and challenges, both in the needs of lubricant customers and the production of lubricants themselves.

Lubricant Expo brings together the community and its customers with a free-to-attend exhibition and conference, providing visitors with the knowledge and suppliers they need to reduce costs, improve efficiency, progress development, maximise the performance of their products and preserve the health of their machinery.

Sustainability is a forefront consideration for both the lubricant industry and key customer markets. CO2 footprint integration within lubricant product specifications is wholly necessary to meet OEM customer targets and requirements. New development processes and applications for synthetic lubricants marks a key trend in the future growth of offerings and adoption within major end-user applications.

Mass data, machine learning, AI and automation across the lubricant industry and customer processes presents a huge opportunity and an exciting challenge for everyone involved in the lubrication value chain. Digitalisation is creating a fundamental change in both the production and use of lubricants around the world – offering lubricant manufacturers and OEM’s a monumental advance in abilities for precise product development, advanced metering and analysis, real-time monitoring via sensor technology and automation that enables immediate and even predictive action to maximise lubricant health, the performance of machinery and manufactured products.

Evolving manufacturing methods are creating a new landscape of opportunities, growth and challenges for the development of lubricants and associated technologies worldwide. 3D printing is becoming an integral manufacturing element within the automotive, aerospace and medical sectors, leading to OEM’s facing new challenges around the selection and application of lubricants within their processes.

Advanced Technology Industries such as E-mobility, Aerospace and Energy are creating growth opportunities as new and evolving requirements are made and specified from customers around temperature, conductivity, material interaction & application.

Lubricant Expo provides the perfect platform to showcase the products and technology that address these trends, whilst providing attendees with the opportunity to learn from and engage with the people and products they need to solve real-world engineering challenges.