Lubricant Expo is Europe’s first free-to-attend exhibition and conference, connecting lubricant solution providers with the full range of end-user buyers, as well as the entire chemical and equipment supply chain. Thousands of engineers and executives will attend.

Visitors from both the lubricant community and end-users will find a comprehensive showcase of all lubricant technologies, including finished lubricants, additives, process equipment & machinery, condition monitoring, automation systems, testing & analysis, data technologies, lubricant manufacturing equipment, end-user application systems and more.

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Increased drive for sustainable products and technologies, enhanced customer specifications, new performance requirements and the ground-breaking integration of mass data technologies is creating a vibrant and evolving landscape of opportunities and challenges, both in the needs of lubricant customers and the production of lubricants themselves.
Lubricant Expo will provide a dedicated showcase of the technology and knowledge needed to reduce costs, improve efficiency, maximise the performance of lubricants, achieve the requirements of the products they enable and preserve the health of machinery across operating environments.

2022 Conference Speakers

Dr. Alan Henderson

Senior Marketing Specialist - Heavy Duty Engine Oils (EMEAI) at Afton Chemical Limited

Guillaume Amilien

Industry Offer Manager at SKF Group

Maurizio Abbondanza

Sustainability Director at Infineum International Ltd.

Dr. Barbara Monse

Managing Director at LubeControl GmbH

Dr. Beatriz Fernández

Senior Researcher in the Tribology Unit at Tekniker

Guido Bertels

Regional Sales Manager at Des-Case

Jean-Marie Boissière

Metalworking Specialist at TotalEnergies Lubrifiants

Mats Backlund

CEO at COT-Clean Oil Technology AB

Matthias Baumann

Team leader measurement technology at University of Stuttgart - Institute of Machine Components

Patrick Bell

Industrial Sales Director Central Europe at Castrol

Pranav Bhanage

CEO - South Asia at PETRONAS Lubricants ( India) Pvt Ltd

Prof. Boris Zhmud

Head of Research & Development at BIZOL Germany GmbH

Stefan Bossler

Business Development Manager at Setral

Wouter Bogaerts

Director Prescriptive Maintenance DSA at I-Care Group

Andrzej Chodyniecki

CEO at GQOIL Innovation

Sabrina Craciun

Senior Business Development Manager at Kline & Company

Prof. Dr. Matthias Scherge

Head of the Tribology Business Unit at Fraunhofer Institute for Mechanics of Materials IWM

Ryan D. Evans, Ph.D.

Director – R&D at Timken

Samuel Dessolin

Global Segment & Product Manager Blending and Formulation Solutions – Cellier at ABB

John Eastwood

Head of Global Business Development - Energy Technologies at Cargill

Dr Frank Rittig

Technical Marketing Manager Fuel and Lubricant Solutions at BASF

Thomas Fröst

President Independent & Emerging Businesses at SKF

Apu Gosalia

Sustainability Expert Adviser at Senator at Senate of Economy Partner at Fokus Zukunft

Dr Gareth Moody

Research and Technology Specialist at Cargill

Dr. George Diloyan

CEO at Nanotech Industrial Solutions

Eneko Gorritxategi

CTO at Atten2 Advanced Monitoring Technologies

Hans Gerdes

Head of business Development at Metall-Chemie GmbH & Co. KG

Michael Guelck

Manager, Gas Engine Engineer at Chevron Deutschland GmbH

Ulrich Gimpel

General Manager, Lead Center Linear Motion at NTN Germany

Dean Hammes

Director of Sales at Oilsafe Reliability Products Group

Ronald Hoogendoorn

General Manager at Patech Europe BV

Steve Holland

Former Chairman of the Management Board & Chief Executive Officer at Brenntag

Tanja Ilic

Managing Director at Nanol Technologies

Annie Jarquin

Vice President, Energy Management Consulting Practice at Kline’s Energy Management Consulting Business

Dr. Jens Dörner

European R&D Director at NSK DEUTSCHLAND GMBH

Dr. Julia Hufen

Senior Manager, Industrial Products at Castrol

Dr. Klaus Kunz

Technical Service & Development Scientist Performance Lubricants at Dow Industrial Solutions

Peter Kohl

Engineering Manager (Automotive) at NSK Bearings

Rüdiger Krethe

CEO at OilDoc

Sylvia Kerscher

Head of Sales at FoxInsights

Christophe Lacroix

Chief Innovation & Sustainability Officer at Motul

Piet Lugt

Senior Scientist at SKF

Dr Matthew Kriech

Chief Operating Officer at Biosynthetic Technologies

Dr. Manfred Jungk

Founder and Lubrication Technology Consultant at MJ Tribology

Dr. Matthias Hof

Global Business Manager BIOLUBES Ester at Emery Oleochemicals GmbH

Dr.-Ing. Mar Combarros

Application Manager at IQL Lubricants

Erika Morichetto

Global Offer Management Lubrication at SKF Group

Mark Miller

CEO at Biosynthetic Technologies

Mike McCabe

Marketing Director at Valvoline

Rahul Maheshka

Team Lead - Sales at FoxInsights

Stefan Mitterer

Business Director Technical Service & Sales at OelCheck

Wojciech Majka CLS, MLE

Chair and CEO at Ecol (c)

Falk Nickel

Head of R&D at Miba

Guillaume Notheaux

Lubricant Additives, R&D manager at SEQENS

Andreas Osbar

Vice President Transformation at Castrol Germany GmbH

Dr. Per Wiklund

Director of Technology at Biobase Sweden AB

Giuseppina Pisaniello

Head of Additives & Specialties at ENI Energy Evolution Green/Traditional Refinery & Marketing

Dr Richard Baker

Director at TriboTonic

Dr. Robert Janssen

Partner at Advilex Regulatory Compliance LLC/FoodChain ID Inc

Tom Rombouts

4.0 Director at I-Care Group

Ulf Rieper

Lubricants Product Application Specialist (Wind & Industrial Products) at Shell Deutschland GmbH

Wilhelm Rehbein

Senior Manager Application Technology at LANXESS

Andreas Stötzer

Senior Consultant at Rheinmetall Automotive

Dr Sabrina Stark

Senior Manager Sustainability and Regulatory Services at BASF

Dr Sarma Volety

Senior Tribologist at Tata steel UK

Dr. Sabine Wohlfahrt

Business Field Manager Lubricants at Kao

Dr. Steven Tang

Business Manager at Colonial Chemicals

Dr.-Ing. Sven Roth  


Holger Streetz

COO at Bathan AG

Lennart Shierholz

Test Engineer at Liebherr

Luca Salvi

Head of Lubricant Additives Business at eni S.p. A

Maria Sole Signorini

Head Group Procurement at Petronas Lubricants International

Siddharth Sachdeva

Managing Director at Trinity Lubes & Greases

Valentina Serra-Holm

Vice President at Perstorp

Dr. Thorsten Peitsch 

Head Of Development Metal Working at Carl Bechem GmbH

Haris Trobradović

R & D Project Leader at SDT Ultrasound Solutions

Prof. Thomas Norrby

Technical Manager – Lubricants at Nynas AB

Jürgen Ulmer

Country Manager at Chevron Deutschland GmbH

Dr. Volker Rombach

Senior Manager at NTN Germany

Johan Von Knorring

Chief Technical Officer at Nanol Technologies

Pascal Verhoie

Sales & Business Development Manager at SKF RecondOil

Toon Van Grunderbeeck

CEO at Lubretec

David Whitby

Chief Executive Officer at Pathmaster Marketing Ltd

Magali Wainer

R&D Project Manager at ABB

Jurjen van Rees

Commercial Director / COO at Electric Ant Lab (RheoCube)


"Lubricant Expo creates one show, bringing together suppliers, competitors and customers in one forum. This is key in terms of representing an industry which is so central to sustainability of economies, companies and countries going forward in the future."

David Wright, UKLA

"Lubricant Expo is a new way to attract public attention to the lubricant field and tribology science. That's why I’m supporting and there is no such event in Europe."

Manfred Jungk, MJ Tribology

"Lubricant Expo brings an international perspective, it gets everyone on the same page. Where else can you get everybody in one place – A one stop shop! It will also bring the knowledge from a global perspective on what is happening on sustainable and renewable resources."

Jeffery Yost, Biorenewable Solutions LLC

"I am really excited about the idea of a lubricant focused expo and Lubricant Expo will be able to help support the lubricants industry. Lubricants is a big enough subject to have lots of interest in the show as well as it being a unique event!"

Richard Baker, TriboTonic

"I think lubricants as a key sector should be represented by one show throughout Europe and Lubricant Expo seems to be the natural home for that opportunity."

David Wright, UKLA

"There are several benefits in attending Lubricant Expo. The main benefit is to increase your network. In the exhibiting alongside the adjoining conference, you will get to know experts in specific fields and can meet companies that are working on their sustainability goals."

Manfred Jungk, MJ Tribology

"You have producers, products and end-users all together in one area, who will be networking and understanding what is happening and where the lubricant market is heading. There’s no better opportunity than Lubricant Expo!"

Jeffery Yost, Biorenewable Solutions LLC

2022 Exhibitors

A&A Fratelli Parodi Deutschland GmbH
ALC Bearings
American Petroleum Institute
Ametek Spectro Scientific
Atten2 Advanced Monitoring Technologies
Aztec Oils
BYK – Chemie GmbH
Bathan AG
Biobase Sweden AB
Biosynthetic Technologies
Bremer & Leguil GmbH
Bruker Nano Surfaces Division
Bureau Veritas Commodities Germany GmbH
Colonial Chemical Inc.
DOPAG Dosiertechnik und Pneumatik AG
Des-Case Corporation
Ducom Instruments
Ecogreen DHW
Ecol Sp. z o.o.
Elemental Scientific
Emery OleoChemicals
Eni S.p.A.
Envirofliud PTY
Ergon International Inc
Eurofins TestOil
Filtertechnik Ltd
Fokus Zukunft GmbH & Co. KG
FoxInsights GmbH
GQOIL Innovation Sp z o.o.
Giebel FilTec GmbH
Greasomatic® by Wymark Limited
Green Oleo Srl
Gruetzner GmbH
H. Costenoble GmbH & Co. KG
Hammonia Oleochemicals GmbH
I-care Group
IBR-Solutions GmbH
Jokisch GmbH
Kline & Company Inc
Krahn Chemie Deutschland GmbH
Laus GmbH
Lehmann & Voss & Co
Linus Projects (India)
LubeControl GmbH
Lubretec bvba
M&M Intercom d.o.o
Metall-Chemie GmbH & Co. KG
Miba Bearing Group
Multisol Group
NKE Austria GmbH
OKS Spezialschmierstoffe GmbH
OQ Chemicals GmbH
Optimol Instruments Prüftechnik GmbH
Orbis BV
PCC Rokita SA
POLARIS Laboratories
Patech Fine Chemical
Perstorp AB
Peter Greven GmbH & Co. KG
Petro-Canada Lubricants
Petrol Ofisi
Pollard Pumps
Prototal PDS AB / GR Produkter
Q8 Oils
R. Wölfel Analysentechnik GmbH
RS Clare
Rhenus Freight Logistics
Rhenus Lub GmbH & Co KG
Rtec-Instruments SA
SDT Ultrasound Solutions
Saint-Gobain Performance Plastics Pampus GmbH
Shanghai Prime Machinery Company
Spectrolytic Ltd
T&T Eco
Tannas Co.
Team energie GmbH & Co. KG
Temix Oleo srl
Texaco Lubricants
Tygris LTD
Univar Solutions
University of Stuttgart – Institute of Machine Components
VSI & Schmierstoff + Schmierung
Valvoline Europe
Verila Lubricants AD
Walther Systemtechnik GmbH
Wieland Group
Zematra B.V
Zschimmer & Schwarz

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MarketsandMarkets Research Pvt Ltd
Univar Solutions

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