Lubricant Expo is Europe’s largest exhibition and conference, connecting lubricant solution providers with the full range of end-user buyers, as well as the entire chemical and equipment supply chain with thousands of engineers and executives in attendance.

Visitors from both the lubricant community and end-users can find a comprehensive showcase of all lubricant technologies, including finished lubricants, additives, process equipment & machinery, condition monitoring, automation systems, testing & analysis, data technologies, lubricant manufacturing equipment, end-user application systems and more.


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Join visitors from industries including:


"It’s the first ever lubricant focused exhibition in the industry. It’s great to connect with all the lubricant players and discuss how we do business in these challenging times. It’s a great exhibition!"

Apu Gosalia, Fokus Zukunft

“It’s a good place where everyone can meet from the lubricants industry. It is beneficial for sales, procurement and customers who want to have a deeper knowledge on lubricants.”

Patrick Bell, Castrol

“I love having a whole accumulated mix of all things lubrication in one room. You can learn, network and understand more about this topic."

Jed Simpson, Tygris

“It’s great to have the suppliers and manufacturers in the same place to meet each other at a European level. We have already booked a stand for next year!”

Marie Legette, Seqens

“It’s been a fantastic show! Lubricant Expo is exactly what I have been looking for to see more opportunities, more engagement whilst looking at solutions to our problems within the industry. I have thoroughly enjoyed it! “

Sarma Volety, Tata steel UK

“This show has been fantastic! There is so much knowledge going back and forth, with great presentations and exhibitors. Lots of remarkable customer interaction. “

Mark Miller, Biosynthetic Technologies

"Lubricant Expo creates one show, bringing together suppliers, competitors and customers in one forum. This is key in terms of representing an industry which is so central to sustainability of economies, companies and countries going forward in the future."

David Wright, UKLA

"Lubricant Expo is a new way to attract public attention to the lubricant field and tribology science. That's why I’m supporting and there is no such event in Europe."

Manfred Jungk, MJ Tribology

"Lubricant Expo brings an international perspective, it gets everyone on the same page. Where else can you get everybody in one place – A one stop shop! It will also bring the knowledge from a global perspective on what is happening on sustainable and renewable resources."

Jeffery Yost, Biorenewable Solutions LLC

"I am really excited about the idea of a lubricant focused expo and Lubricant Expo will be able to help support the lubricants industry. Lubricants is a big enough subject to have lots of interest in the show as well as it being a unique event!"

Richard Baker, TriboTonic

"I think lubricants as a key sector should be represented by one show throughout Europe and Lubricant Expo seems to be the natural home for that opportunity."

David Wright, UKLA

"There are several benefits in attending Lubricant Expo. The main benefit is to increase your network. In the exhibiting alongside the adjoining conference, you will get to know experts in specific fields and can meet companies that are working on their sustainability goals."

Manfred Jungk, MJ Tribology

"You have producers, products and end-users all together in one area, who will be networking and understanding what is happening and where the lubricant market is heading. There’s no better opportunity than Lubricant Expo!"

Jeffery Yost, Biorenewable Solutions LLC

Featured 2024 Exhibitors

Fraunhofer IPA
PETRONAS Lubricants International
SONGWON Industrial Group
TotalEnergies Lubricants
VSI Verband Schmierstoff-Industrie. e.V.

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Ergon International Inc.
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